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physical disability parking placard application - oklahoma.gov

A medical note identifying the exact nature of the disability and the name, telephone number and mailing address of a primary care physician is also required. There are currently a total of 3,000 disability placards issued annually. The patient/physician(s) must return the application form to the Department of Public Health for processing. The Medical Marijuana program is limited to patients with one (1) marijuana related diagnosis or condition as listed on the medical marijuana program application (PDF file). Disability parking placards may not be used by patients or primary caregivers. All disabled persons on Medical Marijuana card must have valid placard(s) which will be revoked if disabled person fails to produce the valid placard in the event of an accident. Disability parking placards are not transferable to other individuals. Period of validity of Disability Placard (1 year). All Medical Marijuana cardholders must be registered with department. Not available in counties with a population of over.

Disability parking placard faq - oklahoma.gov

Disability Permit  Hours of Operation & Payment of Fees Saturday, May 31, 2018:    Closed Monday, May 24, 2018:    Monday, May 24, 2018:    10am-5pm — 10 per car Saturday, June 29, 2018:    Closed Monday, June 30, 2018:    Monday, June 30, 2018:    10am-5pm Saturday, July 26, 2018:    Closed Monday, July 28, 2018:    Monday, July 28, 2018:    10am-5pm Sunday, July 29, 2018:    Closed Monday, July 29, 2018:    10am-7pm Monday, July 29, 2018:    3pm-7pm To apply for either permit, please come to the Disability Permit desk located at 10th and Wire. Please enter the Parking Space in the order you entered it, starting from upper left to lower right. If at any time a new space is opened, you will enter that new space. If you are in the Disabled Parking Permit area of the Parking Lot you need to exit your vehicle, exit the Parking Space you were in to use the handicapped ramp and.

Disability placard application - service oklahoma

All permits have a one-day validation sticker. We accept: — Disabled Veteran and Disabled Veteran spouse — Disabled Veteran and a child that is under 16 (under 5 years) with the spouse — Disabled Veteran and a child that is under 5 years old with any other adult (under 16) with a valid license, permit, or disabled veteran disabled placard.   — Disabled Veteran's spouse with a disabled veteran disabled placard — Disabled Veteran whose vehicle is used to assist him/her or for business — Disabled Veteran with a disability placard to park on-site in the handicapped space — Disabled veteran's companion — Disabled veteran's spouse with a disabled veteran handicapped placard — Disabled Veteran's spouse with a Disabled Veteran disabled placard with any other adult (under 18) — Disabled veteran's spouse with a disabled veteran disabled placard — Disabled veteran's companion with a handicap or disabled veteran's driver license with an additional permit — Disabled veteran with a handicap or.

Oklahoma handicapped parking | ok drs

Veterans must also pay a fee by mail, online or at the DPS agency locations that sell the permits. If you're planning on driving to the Oklahoma City National Memorial for Remembrance Service, and you're in a wheelchair, be sure to get a disability parking permit.  For more information, call the DPS Disability Parking Coordinator by using the phone number on your disability parking permit.

Oklahoma dps disabled persons plates - driversed.com

The fee for a placard is plus a 15% processing fee. If you do not wish for your handicapped placard to be used, you have to submit a new application. All handicapped placard holders receive a “handicap” sticker. Handicapped placards cost . Parking on the street will require you to pay through the meter. If you enter the Meters, parking tickets will be drawn and the car will be towed. If you have an outstanding ticket, it will be placed in your ticket book as well as on your windshield. Parking tickets may be appealed on your next trip by calling 9-1-1. If you do have a tow, the tow company is required to follow the directions on the tow sign in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle. For example, if you are in an accident while the tow is being removed, the tow company must call 911..